November 23, 2012

50 Questions ~ Part 1

50 Questions Just for Fun.
So my friend, Karla, did this and it looked like fun so here goes the first 25 questions...

1. Are you young at heart, or an old soul?Can I be both? Like Karla, I have always enjoyed "grandma" hobbies like embroidery, quilting, crocheting, cooking, reading and writing letters; but, I LOVE kids! I work in our church's Junior Church and every year I cook at Athens Youth Camp after driving a van load of young people up there. I am also Event Coordinator for our Homeschool, I'll let you decide! ;) Oh, and don't let me know there is a baby around, I'm known by many as "Aunt Nesi" and when you get to heaven, you'll find me in the nursery with all the babies after the first million years at the feet of Jesus!

2. What Christmas present do you remember the most?
My Drowsy doll! I still have her and she still talks when you pull the string in her back!

3. Name one physical feature that you like about yourself, and one you don't like.
My hair color. I love auburn hair and was blessed with a decent head of it...and the one I don't like is ....duh, my freckles!

4. What holiday do you most look forward to?
Easter!! I love the time of year our Saviour paid the Ultimate Price.

5. How is the relationship between you and your parents?
I have a very good relationship with my parents. They are always there for me and pray for me and all my needs all the time.

6. You've got the TV on, but you're not really watching. What channel is the TV on?
We do not have TV.

7. If you could pick anywhere to live the rest of your life, where would it be?
Probably here in Cincinnati. It's where I've lived the longest and it's home now.

8. Have you ever spent a night in the hospital?
Haha! TOOOO many nights! With a little boy who's had 17 surgeries and a husband with Parkinson's Disease, yes, I have spent MANY nights in the hospital!

9. Do you enjoy being with only one or two friends, or with a large group of people?
Either one is fine with me. I would prefer one or two for meaningful times but have grown accustomed to large groups with my responsibilities.

10. Do you like the type of music your parents listen to? Do your parents like the type of music you listen to?
My parents don't really listen to music. They prefer silence or talk radio. I love music of many genres and they would be comfortable listening to whatever I had playing.

11. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Haha! Homemade bread with peanut butter and homemade strawberry freezer jam! I LOVE homemade bread!

12. Do you believe in a god?
I believe in the Triune God! He has healed and taken care of many needs and I know He lives. He is my Best Friend!

13. What's you're favorite hash-tag to track?
I don't Twitter.

14. When you were young, what would you dream you would be when you grew up?
A nurse. I loved reading Cherry Ames books and was sure that is what I would be! Lol! I'm a nurse alright~ private duty 24/7! :)

15. Do you want to have more friends than you have right now?
Like Karla, I don't need more friends, but I'm always happy to make new friends.

16. Have you ever met someone through the Internet, then met them in real life?
No, I don't think so.

17. Tell me about the last book you read.
It's been a little while since I read a book for me. We read textbooks! ;)

18. Predict what your life will look like a year from now.
I'm glad I have no idea what my life will look like a year from now ~ the prospects are scary!

19. Early bird or night owl?
Ditto for Karla's answer: Night owl for the most part, but I have managed to get in the habit of getting up early, which requires going to bed earlier than I would naturally. Which is a good thing, I think. I'm definitely not a morning person.

20. Where do you live?
Southwest Ohio.

21. What was the longest car ride you've ever taken?
From Cincinnati to Los Angeles, CA and then back across the north side of the country.

22. What is your ethnic heritage?
I am "American" ~ my maternal grandmother was English, my maternal grandfather was Irish, my paternal grandparents were German.

23. Do you want to live until you're 100?
I might. If that's what God wills. But I would only enjoy it if I could be healthy both physically and mentally. One of my great-grandmothers lived to be 99.

24. Do you practice what you preach?
I try to.

25. Have you ever laughed uncontrollably when it was socially inappropriate?
Oh, yes. Too many times...Some people don't like my propensity to laugh.

October 19, 2012

Precious Memories, How they Linger!

Today I want to tell you about my Grandma Rossman. My childhood is FULL of many pleasant memories of this dear lady who loved to cook, bake, celebrate Christmas and be busy with her church and family. I cannot help but wonder if that is why these things are so dear to me? She had a servant heart ~ always baking bread and delivering it around the countryside, going visiting to shut ins, picking up people for church, and the minute the car was in park at church, she was out to go teach Sunday School, lead the singing, help with VBS or whatever else she knew needed doing. One of my favorite childhood memories is of Vacation  Bible School at the little white Nazarene church in St. Petersburg. I couldn't have been but three or four at the most; but, I cherish that clip in the camera of my mind.

I mentioned cooking and baking. Today, I am not able to be at Grandma's funeral because of my youngest son's health; but, I will spend that time making pickled beets and remembering Grandma working in her humongous garden, canning and pickling for all she was worth. Bread and Butter pickles, dill pickles, cherries, green beans, pickled beets and my all time favorite that will be DEARLY missed: her green sweet pickles. No one can make them like my Grandma!

Christmas time was another treasured time. There were Buckeye balls, homemade caramels, haystacks and hard tack to be made along with a myriad of cookies. I REALLY treasure the memory of when she came to my house one Christmas season, not too long ago, and helped me make all kinds of her candies. My son had just had one of his 17 surgeries and the sacrifice she made to come and help us have a Merry Christmas will NEVER be forgotten. That was Grandma ~ always doing for others.

Speaking of Christmas...Grandma was "Queen of Christmas!" From all the candies and cookies she made to the big old evergreen loaded with C-9 bulb lights and a million silver icicles, presents galore for everyone and Dennis Day singing on the record in the background, I learned how to celebrate Christmas! Christmas morning always came with the sound of the pressure cooker spitting away cooking the potatoes and the delicious aroma of ham or turkey and all the other things she prepared for our Christmas feast. Going to Africa as missionaries didn't stop Grandma from celebrating Christmas ~ she would send us the most wonderful packages with everything wrapped ready to celebrate. She never forgot to include necessary ingredients for her Christmas goodies either!

When Daddy was in college, we would often arrive at Grandma's in the middle of the night. The porch light was always on with its yellow bug light shining a warm welcome and Grandma would be there to receive sleeping girls into her warm loving arms. "Merciful heavens, I'm glad you made it all right! That is one long trip," she would say. We would slip up the stairs to bed. We were at Grandma's! I look forward to her welcoming me to her new home ~ When I get to heaven, she'll be there too to meet me with open arms and say, "Merciful heavens, I'm so glad you made it all right!" I plan to meet her there!

October 18, 2012


Today is both of my grandmothers' funerals. They passed from this life within 24 hours of each other and less than 20 miles apart.  I am unable to attend their funerals due to a very sick son among a few other reasons.

When I began my day, I determined not to let a spirit of gloom and sorrow overpower me. So, I did a quick clean of the house, put on an attractive yet comfortable outfit, lit a candle, put on a classical music CD and fixed a cup of my favorite tea.

I can't help but note that my maternal grandmother's funeral is going on right now.  She was all about duty and life held little joy for her. Early in life, she buried her little five year old daughter, Beverly, after she succumbed to rheumatic fever. Life was full of heartache for her. 

I remember staying with her during my parents preparation to go to Africa as missionaries.  I have many WONDERFUL memories from those days of playing Monopoly for hours under the eaves of her cozy little home!

She always hung her laundry on the line after washing them in her old fashioned Maytag wringer washer and I loved to help her. I also remember pleasant summer evenings swinging on the front porch having just enjoyed a roast beef and homemade bread and applesauce supper. Of course, she and Grandad always had coffee ~ that was before I learned to drink it. My sisters and I would enjoy a cold glass of milk that had to be shaken before being poured into the colored aluminium cups. Grandad and I would make regular trips to the dairy farm and get the wonderful fresh unhomoginized milk. 

Right outside the living room window is a snowball bush. You've never seen a bush so laden with loads of many beautiful balls of flowers!

Sometimes we would go floating over the hills to visit Grandma's sisters, Nellie, Ruth, Eleanor and Hazel and before her mother died, we would go see Grandma Summerville. Always on the way home we would stop at a spring where a pipe came out of the hillside beside the road and fill numerous jugs with the delicious, cold spring water. THAT is goood water!

Many evenings ended with pleasant conversation with either my Aunt Georgie or Uncle Rudy who both lived "just up the road."

So today, another life is remembered. I know by the natural course of events, that it won't be too many years and it will be my life that is remembered. I hope that people remember a cheerful servant who loved her Savior more than life itself and always trusted His matter what.
Only one life, 't will soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last.

October 1, 2012

~ Bathrooms Extraordinaire ~

Public restrooms are usually pure function ~ nothing special or pretty unless you're at Nordstroms or Saks. Recently, our family was priviledged to attend the wedding of some friends at a church in our area. When visiting the restroom afterward, wow! This church had recently redecorated their ladies restroom as a gift for Mother's Day. They went over the top! Just amazing! I don't make a habit of taking pictures of restrooms; but, this is one more day I was very thankful for the handy pocket camera my son had given me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

Just inside the door was this little sitting area...

On the wall the door opened against was this beautiful wall painting
    containing a scripture speaking of ladies....
And the vanity area just inside of the little sitting room...
Straight in the door from the sitting room was this lovely wall mural with another scripture.
Note the vanity is to the left and the restrooms are to the right.
A little close up of a part of the wall mural in the restroom area.
They even decorated above each commode!
I hate to even include this picture because it's so blurry; but,
this is what you see when you open the door to this lovely ladies room!

What do you think?

We all agreed that this ladies room reminded us of what God wants us to be.
Feminine, worshipful and fearing the Lord.
"Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain,
        but a woman who feareth the Lord, she shall be praised!"
Proverbs 30:30