September 26, 2007

My Beloved Family
Lorna, Dan, Benji and D.J.!
Weekend before last, we went to the Oeder's Lake Antique Farm Machinery Show. It's such a nice clean, wholesome family atmosphere. That is where I took this pic of the family that brings me soooooo much joy!
I've Been Tagged... A Great Way to Start Blogging!
My son, DJ, needed one more person to tag so he started a blog for me... Presto!
Here are Seven Random Things About Me:
(Sorry Deanna, these won't be inspirational - that will have to come later :) )
1.I was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania
2. I've lived in my current 1300 sq. ft. cottage longer than any other place (11 years 11/1/07)
3.I met my husband of 18 1/2 years in Florida, married him in Alabama and moved with him to Michigan
4. Spring is my very favorite season with fall running close behind
5. My very own flock of Rhode Island Red chickens is a life long desire
6. The best years of my childhood were spent in Lesotho, Africa (five years)
7. I love "taking tea", visiting tearooms and collecting or doing anything that has to do with TEA!

Most of this is not anything new to you but are just things I find "unique" about me!

Now, to tag seven more people! Well, I'll have to see who hasn't been tagged with this last round of tag and get back with you.....