May 6, 2009

Swedish Blessings

Now, my daughter isn't Swedish but the other evening she shared a wonderfully encouraging song familiar to many - "Day by Day". You can listen to the wonderful Father- Daughter duet she shared with me on Bill Gaither's Solo Album.

I looked to see who the author of the song was because I wondered what they'd endured to write with such depth. Her name is Lina Sandell. She was a Swedish lass who's father was a Luthern pastor. While on a boat trip, he fell overboard and drowned before her very eyes. The incident inspired her to write over 650 hymns one of which is the beloved,
"Day by Day and With Each Passing Moment."

The gentleman who translated the song was A.L. Skoog - a Swedish gentlman who later immigrated to Minnesota. The following hymn is another of his translations named, "My Future". You may listen to it here:

I have a future all sublime,
Beyond the realms of space and time,
Where my Redeemer I shall see,
And sorrow nevermore shall be.

A precious heritage is mine;
’Tis kept above by love divine;
And while I tarry here below,
He gives me what is best, I know.

O, God be praised, He planned for me;
From anxious care I’m spared and free;
He bids me cast on Him my care—
What then remains for me to bear?

Sweet peace within my soul doth dwell;
With joy I sing: “Now all is well,”
He leads me safely by His hand
Until I reach the Glory Land.

O precious Savior, teach Thou me
To live my life more true to Thee
The little while I yet must roam
Before I reach my heav’nly home.

Isn't that ENCOURAGING? How lovely are His plans for our future!

Another Swedish blessing is this blog.

The simplicity of her decorating style and excellent photography make it a feast for the eyes even if I can't understand a word she writes! The loads of white with touches of pink keep me coming back for more!


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Thanks for cluing me in on the trillium! It has to be the most exquisite wild flower I have ever seen! I'm so glad I know what it is now. If I see one again I won't pick it because I have discovered that they are actually pretty rare.

Tora said...

Beautiful decor and great lyrics! There's so much about Area My Swedes and their culture I like.

Arlene Marquis said...

I am currently writing a historical novel about my Grandmother's Swedish ancestors. As I was writing about the wedding of my 2nd great-grandparents, I wanted to include a wedding blessing and happened upon this site through a google search. The song, Day by Day, by Carolina Sandell Berg became my heart song following the death of my 7 year old daughter over 20 years ago. I had no idea it would return to me to be included in my family history or that it was written by a Swede. I'm sure Gustaf and Johanna would have known this writer and her song as they were faithful followers of Christ. Thank you for sharing this!