October 18, 2012


Today is both of my grandmothers' funerals. They passed from this life within 24 hours of each other and less than 20 miles apart.  I am unable to attend their funerals due to a very sick son among a few other reasons.

When I began my day, I determined not to let a spirit of gloom and sorrow overpower me. So, I did a quick clean of the house, put on an attractive yet comfortable outfit, lit a candle, put on a classical music CD and fixed a cup of my favorite tea.

I can't help but note that my maternal grandmother's funeral is going on right now.  She was all about duty and life held little joy for her. Early in life, she buried her little five year old daughter, Beverly, after she succumbed to rheumatic fever. Life was full of heartache for her. 

I remember staying with her during my parents preparation to go to Africa as missionaries.  I have many WONDERFUL memories from those days of playing Monopoly for hours under the eaves of her cozy little home!

She always hung her laundry on the line after washing them in her old fashioned Maytag wringer washer and I loved to help her. I also remember pleasant summer evenings swinging on the front porch having just enjoyed a roast beef and homemade bread and applesauce supper. Of course, she and Grandad always had coffee ~ that was before I learned to drink it. My sisters and I would enjoy a cold glass of milk that had to be shaken before being poured into the colored aluminium cups. Grandad and I would make regular trips to the dairy farm and get the wonderful fresh unhomoginized milk. 

Right outside the living room window is a snowball bush. You've never seen a bush so laden with loads of many beautiful balls of flowers!

Sometimes we would go floating over the hills to visit Grandma's sisters, Nellie, Ruth, Eleanor and Hazel and before her mother died, we would go see Grandma Summerville. Always on the way home we would stop at a spring where a pipe came out of the hillside beside the road and fill numerous jugs with the delicious, cold spring water. THAT is goood water!

Many evenings ended with pleasant conversation with either my Aunt Georgie or Uncle Rudy who both lived "just up the road."

So today, another life is remembered. I know by the natural course of events, that it won't be too many years and it will be my life that is remembered. I hope that people remember a cheerful servant who loved her Savior more than life itself and always trusted His design...no matter what.
Only one life, 't will soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last.


Anonymous said...

Oh Denise, so sorry for your losses. And also for your sick son. Hope he is on the mend soon. Thankyou for the beautiful reminder that only eternal things are important. Hugs to you, Carla

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Sweet post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your grandmothers. It's hard to let them go... but oh, such a comfort to have the hope of heaven.

Making Memories 1999 said...

Denise, I'm so very sorry that you lost both of your grandmothers! And so close together! I trust Jesus is helping you during this time, and that your son is feeling better as well!

When I saw "colored aluminium cups" it reminded me...I have some of those, and I believe they belonged to my grandmother. How neat that you have such good memories. May God richly bless you today!