January 17, 2008

Tea at Mrs. Bobbi's

At our church's Christmas Dinner this year, we had a new activity. Different people in the church donated various areas of expertise to be auctioned off during a silent auction that benefited the building fund. It was a LOT of fun and I hope we do it again this coming Christmas. One of the things being auctioned off was a tea party for three. I LOVE tea, as you all know, and told my husband that I would LOVE that for my birthday. So we started the bidding. Well #44 kept bidding against me and it went higher and higher until it would soon be out of our budget so, in good fun, I went to find out who #44 was. It was my friend, Sharon, who had teamed with our friend Miranda to be #44. We worked out a deal with Bobbi and made it a tea part for four and Mrs. Bobbi hosted it at her beautiful house yesterday - just in time for Miranda and my birthdays! We had a wonderful afternoon and the food and tea were WONDERFUL! She served a delicious Cinnamon Tea from a tea room in Jackson and a refreshing Strawberry Iced tea that was a beautiful pink color from the tea room at the Longenberger headquarters. Of course, there were a myriad of other teas, those were just my personal favorites.

Isn't Mrs. Bobbi's house BEAUTIFUL? I asked her if she minded if I took pictures during the tour she gave us after the tea and she said, "Of course not" in her sweet West Virginia drawl.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Tea at Mrs. Bobbi's looks like an enjoyable time! Her house is beautiful, don't you love seeing houses with so much eye candy!


Karla said...

What a dainty house! Looks like you had a great time.

Gayle said...

Bobbie alway's does a beautiful job!
I told her if I was into Victorian decorating I surely would have her do my house. She has the prettiest victorian home I have seen!She needs to open a tea house