January 14, 2008

Magic Mirrors, Party Lines and Mystery Pictures

In celebration of National De-Lurking Week (last week) some creative friends found ways to get those of you who "listen in" but don't comment to come out of hiding and 'fess up! It was so fun to read Karla, Rachel and Hope's postings and the ensuing comments.

Karla said blogging is like a party line. Some people "listen in" but never comment. Hope convinced some lurkers that she had a magic mirror and knew they were lurking - she even named names and told a few personal traits that were dead giveaways. And Rachel posted a mystery picture that prompted long distance phone calls as well as comments.

I wonder what I shall have to do to get people to "come out"? Like . . . Meredith, Janie, Gayle and there's someone in Southern Cal that's always checking, hmmm - wonder who that could be? I do have a niece that lives there - that reminds me - Jill's another one that's listening in and then there's ... well, I'll stop for now and see what happens!

To make it easier, I'll post a mystery picture and you can guess what it is. Hmmm, you knew it would have to do with tea, didn't you? Have fun guessing!


Hope said...

Hi Denise,
I came by to loan you my "magic mirror". It really works!!
It seems that people you already know personally are always the last ones to leave you a comment. Why is that?? LOL

Have a great day and come see me.


PS: I didn't see your mystery picture anywhere. Is it just me?

Rachel said...

You've got some cute ideas! I'll have to try the scone recipe. Karla is having tea with you today. I'll have to take a rain check! Have a fun day!

Karla said...

Is your mystery picture a pencil sharpener? I have a tiny little printing press that is actually a pencil sharpener.

Denise said...

No, Karla, it isn't a pencil sharpener. Keep guessing!

Rachel said...

Sorry, I can't see the mystery picture! I guess it is a mystery!!

meredith said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Nesi. What a beautiful bundle of joy so many years ago. Love Mommy

Denise said...

The mystery item is a "Tea Bag Weight"! It holds your tea bag tag to the suacer so it doesn't get away from you in the tea!
Thank you to those who left a comment and guessed!

Karla said...

A tea bag weight?!? I never heard of such a thing! I would have never guessed it in a million years. How interesting!