February 12, 2008

All About Shepherds!

In Junior Church, our theme is about The Good Shepherd. We've been learning all about shepherds in the Bible, memory verses about the Good Shepherd and ... how shepherds are different around the world. The first Sunday, Sarah Susan told us all about shepherds in her home land of Jordan. It was interesting to hear how shepherds are different even though sheep are the same the world over! Imagine that! Grin! A week ago Sunday, I shared with the children different things about Basotho shepherd boys in the land of Lesotho, Africa. Shepherds there wear only a blanket and will most often only have a little field mouse that they catch and roast over an open fire for their lunch. When I asked the children how they thought an African shepherd boy would be different, Austin Eckert put up his hand and said their clothes would be different. He got to come up and I put my Basotho blanket on him. This is him holding his little mouse cookie. I made 50 of these little "mouse cookies" as I didn't think they would care for a real field mouse! These little mice were cute peanut butter cookies shaped like a mouse with licorice tails, sliced almond ears and cinnamon heart candy eyes. They were EXCITED about enjoying those kind of mice!
I found it so interesting that Miss Rhea at Sweet and Shabby Roses also loves working with children and that her husband enjoys jail ministry. My husband really enjoys his hospital chaplain work that he volunteers doing at our local hospital. Next post, I will share with you the adorable little party hat I won from one of her bloggy giveaways.


D.J. Truesdale said...

HEY A NEW POST ! :)I wonder who did it for you?

~Heather~ said...

That was a nice post. I enjoyed reading it!
We love y'all,

Michelle said...

I really appreciate what you do for the kids in Junior Church. I do not have any kids in there any more but, I know that my nieces and nephews will always remember you! You do a wonderful job for ALL of our church children and I think it is great!!! I love and appreciate you very much! Michelle J

Ronda said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job for Junior Church! I am sure that you are helping to mold alot of little lives...Good for you and God bless!

Eileen said...

Hi Denise, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes I hate not being able to post. Still do not know when we will be up to be able to do so. But I am trying to keep in touch just the same. I am at my daughters Ruth's catching up as much as I can. Thanks again, love veiwing your blog. Have a blessed day!