March 1, 2008

Cherubs, Love Letters and Sweet Surprises

February - Can you believe the second month of 2008 is over? Wow, time flies if you're having fun or not doesn't it?

I promised last post that I would share a picture of the sweet party hat I won (on my birthday, no less;) ) from Miss Rhea of Sweet n Shabby Roses. This darling little cherub has reminded me of the angels God sends our way every day. Sometimes we recognize them and sometimes we don't. Kristal Becker has often been referred to as an angel by friends of ours who find out we know her. They've experienced her touch as she's cared for them in the hospital where she works the cancer floor. This past month, I was blessed by this dear and precious angel when going through some deep, troubled waters with my husband as he battles a very cruel disease. I'm thankful for angels - especially Kristal! May God bless her in special ways as she blesses so many hurting people here in this world.

Love Letters- don't you love them? They make you feel so special and loved and cared for! My very favorite love letter is God's Word. He tells me how much He loves and cares for me, tells me how to deal with problems and sometimes, like this past month, He tells me, "Don't be afraid. Don't (even) be discouraged. I'll fight this battle for you. You just watch!" Read it for yourself if you like. It's the story of Jehoshaphat found in II Chronicles chapter 20. (It's especially meaningful if you have the NIV version to read). You'll find an awesome story of love and care there!

Sweet surprises. Have you ever been bogged down with life and it's responsibilites and then, out of the clear blue, something really sweet or nice happens? Well, that's what happened when I found I won the party hat from Miss Rhea! What a ray of sunshine! I think God had something to do with her husband picking my name from amongst the others. He knew I needed it and He loves and cares for ME! What a God!

May you feel His love in a VERY SPECIAL way TODAY!


D.J. Truesdale said...

Cool! A new post

Karla said...

Hi Denise! Sorry to hear of the challenges your family is going through again. We'll be praying.

Thanks for posting! I keep watching for updates. Me and D.J., apparently! ;-)

~Heather~ said...

Aunt Nesi, I have no clue how your family has born so much grief, but so glad that God is with you, and that you won that cute hat. I love it that God cares about the small things! =) Aunt Krystal Becker is an angel isn't she? So caring and thoughtful!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I read it to Noah while he sat on my lap (the lap that I have left =), and then I was ready to make him jump down and he said, "No wait, let's go to Aunt Nesi's blog." =D And now we are headed to DJ's blog, so Noah can see the tractors and boy things. =)
We cannot wait to see all of y'all! =D

Michelle said...

Denise, I just want you to know that you are also one of those Angels. You have so often come cheered the faint and show love and kindness that was needed in a moment. Sometimes I am sure that you didn't even realize what a blessing you are. I am so glad that God is sending his Angels to you in your time of need also!!!!! The hat is adorable! I pray for you often that God will bless you beyond measure!!! I love that you are my friend. Michelle J