March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "B"

Thirteen things in my life that start with the letter "B":

1. Boys - I have two. DJ's the one that started my blog and helps me maintain it and ..
2. Benji - my baby. The joy of my life! He's the happiest person I've ever met and has been through more than any other person I know! Go figure!
3. Baking - One of my favorite hobbies - my favorite thing to bake? Bread!
4. Baskets - love 'em! So useful and also so pretty for decorating.
5. Books - can't have too many books. Oh the places one can go and the things one can do - all in the pages of a book!
6.Bloemfontein - used to be one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. Means "Fountain of Flowers" - need I say more? It's where we used to go once a month for supplies and also where my orthodontist was.
7. Birds - I love listening to and watching birds. Can't wait til it's warm enough outside to have my windows open so I can hear them Praising their Maker!
8.Bunnies - my kitchen's decorated in bunnies, pink and tea stuff. Goes together so well, don't you think?
9. Bows - they're everywhere in my house. Such a nice finishing touch - you know it's done when it's tied with a bow!
10.Bleeding Hearts - one of the most incredibly detailed flowers. I have three bushes of them - pink ones, of course. Can't wait til they bloom again!
11.Beets - pickled. I've been eating them like crazy since I could sit in a high chair. They're high in iron and so good for you! (I buy the canned baby ones and pickle them myself, mmmmmm).
12. Bible - my favorite book. Couldn't live without it.
13. Blessings - I've got sooooo many! These Thursday Thirteen posts are a great way to renumerate them alphabetically. I hope this post reminds you of a few you enjoy today.


A Romantic Porch said...

Denise that is so interesting! Thanks for sharing. xoRachel

Karla said...

Great list!

I need your pickled beet recipe!

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing the Women of Worth post...THANKS for posting it! Fun to see pics of Moma and Laura. =)

Neat to read your 13 things that start with a "B".
Thanks for your nice comment tonight on Noah's bike riding. I JUST POSTED A CUTE LITTLE VIDEO OF NOAH RIDING HIS BIKE WITHOUT THE TRAINING WHEELS. Those purple flowers on our neighbor's roof are Bogan Villa.
Can't wait to see y'all! =)