March 23, 2008

He is Risen ~ Just Like He Said!

Every Easter Sunday morning, I like to watch the sunrise. It's the only time during the whole year that I actually take the time to watch this lovely time of day happen. Mary went early to the tomb and found it empty and the angel reminded her of the Master's loving promise. I love to reflect on all He had done since His last supper with His friends and subsequent death on the cross. It's marvelous to think of the overwheming love of my wonderful Savior and all He did after giving up His life ~ the grappling for the key of sin and death and hell that He could procure for me eternal life with Him. What love!
This morning it seemed like the sun was taking forever to come peeping over the horizon. Maybe it's because I had a million and one things (more or less) to do before arriving at the church early to set up the bells for our Junior Church's Bell Choir performance, but anyway... I decided to "just run over" and pour hot water from my whistling tea kettle into the waiting bowl for our Sunday Dinner jello. I did and came back and watched from the front door - still no sun. So much to do! "Well, I'll just run and get the ice water and pour it in and bring it back over and stir it while I watch". !!! Just that quick, the sun peeked over the horizon! I missed it! The thought came to my mind ~ "Be careful, don't get so busy doing the mundane tasks of life, getting caught up in the pressure of what has to get done and miss being ready for His Second Coming!" It would be so easy to do ~ everything's so necessary and some could be considered to be for His Glory; but, if I don't take time to spend with Him communing with Him, my focus can go amiss. I've got to keep my lamp trimmed, filled and burning bright.
A Blessed Easter to you!


Miss Sandy said...

Wise, wonderful words, Happy Easter!

Karla said...

Oh, my! Sobering thoughts. Thanks for the reminder!

Eileen said...

Hello Denise, I too, was up for the sunrise. My husband Jim and I went to the Sunrise Service. Though we had to have it inside for it was raining. But it was a beautiful service just the same.
May the Lord bless you.