March 8, 2008

A March's Winter Wonderland

This is the three stooges - they were getting cabin fever so decided to walk down to UDF for a cappuciono. DJ, Lorna and our neighbor, Jamie getting ready for an outing!
My teacup birdfeeder - all full of snow.

Our mailbox. Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow - didn't apply today. Level 3 Emergency only :(.
This is my street this morning - a winter wonderland surprise. Monday, Lorna and Benji had a picnic for lunch time. It was such beautiful spring weather. We wondered if they knew what they were talking about when they said we'd be getting a winter storm toward the end of the week. They were right!


~Heather~ said...

Aunt Nesi,
We think that all of that snow looks and sounds so fun! Wish we were already there for our kids to enjoy it.

Phillip and I enjoyed reading all of your 13 A's in your life on your post below!

See ya'll soon, Lord willing. =)

Karla said...

..::shudder::.. I hope we don't get more! I am so ready for spring!

Rob and Deanna said...

WE Thoroughly Enjoyed the snow Too!! It is nice having it this late in the winter because it will melt faster & it was So Warm the Day after the snowstorm! We haven't had a GOOD snow like this one in Years.