March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "C"

Spring has arrived!
The sun is shining this beautiful morning and the birds are singing!
My lilac buds are getting fatter by the minute
I expect to have daffodils by this time next week for sure!
Like King Solomon said, "The time for singing has come!"
(Song of Solomon 2:11-12)
Now for thirteen things in my life that start with the letter "C":
1.Children - I LOVE children and I have three. I also thoroughly enjoy working in our church's Junior Church every Sunday. Can't get enough of being with children!
2.Camping - love to camp - in our 29 foot Prowler ;) - Not much for really roughing it. We've been to 38 states so far and also do at least two church camps every summer.
3.Charming Cottages - love looking at them in one... especially ones loaded with Cabbage Roses - you know, the big fat old fashioned kind! Cottages are so cozy and inviting, don't you think?
4.Clocks - what cottage would be complete without lots of neat clocks? Love those chimes! I have a darling Grandmother Clock my husband got me for our 15th Anniversary, a white cuckoo clock (kids that come to Aunt Nesi's ALWAYS love that one ... waiting for the bird to come out, you know?) and lots more. I'll have to do a post of all my clocks sometime.
5. Cream Cheese - anything with cream cheese... cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, truffles... Oh, you want something out of this world delicious? A caramel cheesecake! Had some at Stephanie's shower last Saturday ~ to die for delicious!
6.Candlewicking - I've been collecting this antique glassware since I was in college. "Uncle" Steve Geise got me started and I've been adding to this cherished collection since!
7. Coffee, Coca-Cola, and Cappuccino are my favorite caffeine-loaded pick-me-ups. Sometimes they're about all that keep me going!
8.Chicken - my favorite meat. Someday, I'm going to have a flock of Rhode Island Reds, too! Might have to wait til I get to heaven but... ;) By the way, Bro. Kennedy's Chicken is the favorite casserole at our house. Mmmmm! Reminds me, I love GOOD casseroles, too! Especially ones with cheese in or on them and a bonus if they're made in a crock pot.
(Bro. Kennedy is actually Deanna Kennedy. One of my babies couldn't figure out which was which and Deanna was finally determined to be the "Bro." between the two!)
9.Croquet - nothing like a good game of croquet on the lawn ... summer breezes, iced tea...
10.Classical music- love listening to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart... good old 90.9 or a morning at Music Hall... sheer delight! Cello's one of my faves ~ maybe that's why my daughter plays one -or vice versa?
11.China - you thought I'd forgotten all about my dishes, didn't you? Pretty dishes, crystal chandelier on low, candles, yummy casserole, classical music, cheesecake and then croquet ~ now THAT is livin'!
12.A little red caboose in Californina. That's where I'll spend winters when I'm old. Always wanted a little red caboose and after visiting Cali, I'm smitten.
13.Church - what my life pretty much revolves around. Getting together with the "family" worshipping our awesome Creator, Savior, Friend and Most Kind and Gracious Loving Heavenly Father!
Enjoy your First Day of Spring!


Karla said...

Mmm... caramel and cream cheese... my two favorite indulgences... and yes, coffee, Coke, and cappuccino are my favorite beverages, too!

Such a fun list! I took a break from the alphabet today, so you're gaining on me.

Eileen said...

Denise, I pray you and yours have a Beautiful Easter. I enjoyed your writting. Some of your list is mine too, chicken matter of fact I just had company tonight for supper and made a chicken dish. A lot of things like mine. Thanks for sharing.

A Romantic Porch said...

Denise, Your list is so interesting. Happy Easter. Love,Rachel