July 1, 2008

Tuesday's Teatime ~ A Tea Toast!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!
Love is like tea, the longer it's in hot water, the stronger it gets! Our love has endured it's share of hot water with Dan's failing health and the sweet bundle of joy God blessed us with nine years ago. The challenges of Parkinson's Disease and Acute Infantile Scoliosis have brought out the proof of our very special commitment to each other.

Who would have ever dreamed when we made those promises 19 years ago the extent to which those promises would be tested? In sickness? Maybe when we were old and our children had children of their own but we sure weren't planning on it when we were still young and busy raising our family! God has been so faithful though and you've been a real trooper. Like Lorna says, "I'm so glad Daddy's a Christian and wants to do what's right!" Always remember, I love YOU!

So today, we raise a glass of sweet iced tea - a toast to life together with all the challenges God knows we can handle with His Help. I'm incredibly thankful for God's bountiful mercies and unmeasurable grace.
P.S. The little baby girl dressed in yellow will commence her life with her love this August 1st!
Best Wishes to you Ashleigh and John!
I wanted to link to this incredible devotion from Joni and Friends but it wouldn't work so I'm copying and pasting it. This is TRUE LOVE - the kind Dan and I share. Enjoy!

A Word from Ken
Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. -- Psalm 34:2-3
I've never written one of my wife's devotionals before, but I wanted to do it today. July 3rd is our anniversary. I also want to write because Joni recently arrived home from the hospital where she survived a struggle against double pneumonia. Those nine days in the hospital were extremely difficult for Joni. They were difficult for me, too. I felt helpless, unable to do much for her except to press on her abdomen to help her cough. I stayed at the hospital every night, making sure she had someone to be her "muscles" when she needed help breathing. Quadriplegics like Joni have limited lung capacity, and many don't live through such an ordeal. It's amazing she recovered. Obviously God has much more work for her to do. And me, too. For all these years, we've shared a marvelous mission together. And underline that word together. Joni and I were never more "together" than when she and I were battling against her pneumonia in the hospital. One would think a feeling of togetherness would occur over a candlelight dinner or a romantic vacation. But isn't it just like God to strengthen our unity, deepen our commitment, and breathe fresh romance into our marriage through, well... dealing with pneumonia in a hospital?! * * * * * * * * The sense of being together is never stronger than when you are in the trenches with a loved one battling a common enemy side-by-side. Stressful situations can bring us closer together. Ephesians 2:22 says, "And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit." Father, help me find someone today with whom I can exalt your name. If an affliction, disappointment or illness is separating me from a loved one, give me the grace and wisdom to embrace them in the midst of hardship. I want to be built up "together" with them... all for the praise of your glory.
Joni and Friends


Jill Damon said...

Happy Anniversary! Our love to you both! Your wedding pictures reminded me of Heather's wedding.

Michelle said...

You are such an encouragement to me!!!!!I am very priveledged to have you as my friend! Thank you! I am sure that you had a wonderful anniversary!

Connie said...

You all are a great inspiration. Your lives are a true example of God's grace. Nathan & I both love to watch you. You always have a smile on your face and an encouraging word for everyone. We love & appreciate you.
Happy Anniversary.

momzalwayzhere said...

Happy Anniversary! May Our Lord continue to give you both many more years together. I love and appreciate you and your famiy. God is Good. To Him be all Glory and Praise.

Debbie Jarasat Tumbleson

Evonne Damon said...

What an awesome post! It was so good to see you at youth camp even if we didn't get to visit much. You have amazing courage and stamina and you are truly an inspiration to me!