June 24, 2008

Tuesday's Teatime - Tea Decor

Welcome to our afternoon teatime! Come into my garden and we'll each have a tall glass of sweet ice tea. Let's sit over here on the triple glider under the apple tree. I'm so excited we're getting our first crop of apples this year! Don't you just love the chimes I hung from one of the branches? It says,
"I'd like to take my troubles
and toss them in the sea
But since I can't I'll smile instead
over a cup of tea!"
The little upside down teacups actually make a pretty sound when the wind blows. I've accumulated a few different tea related items to decorate with outside and this is one of my favorites.
My daughter spotted this at Miss Annabelle's Tea Room.
I thought we'd just enjoy some freshly picked strawberries from the garden with our iced tea. I made some of this cream cheese fruit dip to dip them in - mmm, yummy!
Cream Cheese Dip
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
7 ounces Marshmellow Creme
2 Tablespoons strawberry freezer jam
Blend together. Refrigerate before serving.
It's so hot here today; but, with your sweet company, a tall glass of ice tea, strawberries and dip, and the little breeze blowing - well, life's just sweet!
Thank you for joining me today - see you next week!
P.S. Sorry I was late getting this on. I've been having a terrible time with my Internet connection this week and then I couldn't get on blogger :( !

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A Hint of Home said...

The creamy dip sounds wonderful and makes my mouth water.
Love your blog.