June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "J"

Time for a Thursday Thirteen post! Missed a few weeks but we'll pick up where we left off by listing thirteen things in my life that begin with the letter "J". I like to think of them as thirteen blessings~ so here goes:
1. John - the BEST dad in the world's name ~ mine! Isn't it funny how we all think ours is the best? ;) John is also Benji's first name and his paternal great-grandfather's name.
2. Jack - the funniest and most spoiled donkey that ever lived. He was my Papa's pet and they made quite the pair.
3.January - the month of my birth.
4.Jesus - my VERY BEST FRIEND, my Saviour and soon coming King!
5. Joy - "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! Down in my heart to stay!"
6. Juice - guava is my favorite but I enjoy just about any fruit juice.
7. Jigsaw puzzle - it's such a fun challenge to put them together.
8. Job- my favorite is the one I hold now - wife and mother. I've been a receptionist in an orthodontist office, nanny, governess, teller, department manager, clerk, store owner, and Sunday School teacher but the one with the greatest outcome is mother and I LOVE it!
9. Jam - Strawberry Freezer Jam! Mmmmm! I'm getting quite the crop of strawberries this year from my garden and we're enjoying the best strawberry jam!
10.Johnny Jump-ups, Jonquils and Jasmine- Such lovely flowers God's given us to enjoy!
11.Jazz - I REALLY enjoy some easy jazz music - especially sax. OOOOO!
12. Jet - Now I can really get into flying! I longed to be a stewardess when I was a little girl so I could fly all over, all the time!
13.James - both my husband and my oldest son's middle name. My husband was named for his maternal grandfather, James Albight.
What would I do without all these delightful blessings?
Isn't God good!
He's so graciously poured out so many extras for our enjoyment!
May you enjoy a jubilant and joyous day in Jesus!


~LoRnA~ said...

Thanks for the comment Mommy I love you!!

Miss Sandy said...

You are indeed blessed! I love this post!

Betty Truesdale said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog ever since I knew you had one. You are very creative! I really enjoy it. Dan was named for my Father, James Willard Albright. He died in January 1962, before Dan was born in October of 1962. Uncle Jim is the II. I am going to try and post this. I think you have to have your own blog to do that. Love you, Mom T.