June 17, 2008

Tuesday's Teatime

Good Afternoon! Well, it's such a lovely afternoon for our Tuesday's Teatime, we can enjoy our tea either iced or hot today! Such a refreshing cool breeze blowing, isn't it? I'm really enjoying it after all the hot humid weather we've been having!
What kind of tea would you like today? There's Blueberry Bang - I like this one iced; but, I imagine it would be good hot as well. Angel's Dream - that one's good hot or cold, though I must say, I prefer it iced since it's a fruity tea. Hawaiian Colada is a nice tropical blend that's refreshing iced too and oh, yes, Strawberry Kiwi- I can't imagine enjoying it any way but iced! Isn't it a such a pretty pink color? There's also Georgia Peach - I personally like that one hot, and La Marche Spice- it's good hot, too! French Blend- very high in caffeine, it's a great pick-me-up with a nice bold flavor too, Rainbow Rooibus- another fruity one and oh, don't forget, Bora Boramango - it is SO good iced! Very refreshing! I also have a green tea - mint- just for Corrie ;) and always there's Constant Comment - my own all time personal favorite! Or, if you like I can fix you a cup of just plain tea. It would have to be Lipton's, you know! I think their's has the best flavor.
Aren't you glad every day can be a special occasion? It's up to us to make it so! Today is the perfect excuse to make it a special occasion with a cuppa or two - just me and you having a nice chat!
All but the green tea and Constant Comment came from Miss Annabelle's Tea Room in Loveland. We'll have to go there for tea sometime. Such a charming tearoom in the heart of historic Loveland. You know it's got to be pretty special located in a town with a name like that!
Well, I better be scooting along. I'm going to try a curtain job like the Nester shows on her blog, http://www.nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/- if it turns out pretty, I'll show you tomorrow!
Have a lovely afternoon!


Eleanor said...

It has been lovely having tea with you. Could Rainbow Rooibos be our own South African speciality - rooibos (redbush) tea which is indigeneous to the Northern Cape? I have just done a blog on Bloemfontein in the Free State. Do visit - maybe you were in Bloem when you lived in Lesotho? Love ELeanor

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

MMMmmm. It is so hot here in Phoenix. Iced sounds heavenly right now.
I love it Southern style and sometimes with a bit of mint.