June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "K"

It's Thursday again and time for me to re-numerate blessings that start with the letter "K"!

1. Karla - it's been fun to be back in touch with this childhood friend thanks to Blogland!

2. Kiwi - love this yummy green fruit, mmmmm!
3.Kids - So thankful for the three kids God has blessed my life with.

4. Keeper at Home - VERY thankful to be able to be a Keeper at Home.

5. Kent - my cousin. The brave and adventurous one that enjoys galavanting all over the globe!

6. Kitchen - I REALLY enjoy my lovely pink and white kitchen with all its bunny and tea accoutrements.

7. Knead - one of my favorite hobbies is making bread and kneading the dough is the next best part.
The best being eating it hot out of the oven!

8. Knowledge - so thankful for the availablity of knowledge and the priviledge of processing and retaining knowledge.

9. Kapok Tree - a delightful restaurant in Clearwater FL that Dan and I went to one one of our first dates. He'll never forget the day or place because he erringly made the following remark as I was enjoying the architecture and ambience,

"This reminds me of the GBS cafeteria!"

I was astounded that he would dare bring the beloved Kapok Tree down to the level of a college cafeteria ! ;)
10. Kit Kats - one of my favorite candy bars. They always bring back fond childhood memories of afternoons spent reading books from the Ladybrand library and enjoying a Kit Kat from Okay Bazaars.

11. Krogers - If you've never been outside the country, you can't fully appreciate the cleanliness, variety, selection and safety of Krogers!

12. Keylime Pie - such a refreshing and delightful dessert! Yummy!

13. Kentucky and Kansas - two beautiful states I've enjoyed visiting in this great nation of ours.

Enjoy a wonderful evening!


Michelle said...

How do you think of the all the words for the letter of the day???? That in itself would probably take all day let alone posting it. I really appreciate you as my friend. Have a wonderful day!! Michelle J.

Karla said...

Great list! And how sweet of you to include me on your list!