January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning! It's a little chilly out this morning but the sun is shining! Hurray!
There's nothing like sunshine to give a cheery start to the week, is there?

January is not only the beginning of a new year, but it's also the beginning of the second semester of school. With a senior that needs to have all of his work done by the first part of April, I decided I would need to be VERY organized to make sure everything that needs to happen this semester - HAPPEN! First on the list is my menu. Everything goes smoother when the family is well-fed so... Here is our menu for this week and a recipe for

Monday: Spaghetti
Crescent Rolls
Cole Slaw

Tuesday: Hashbrown Casserole

Wednesday: Baked Pork Chops
Rice and Gravy
Thursday: Chicken Tacos

Friday: Fish Sticks
Macaroni and Cheese
Green Beans

Saturday: Chicken Rice
Blueberry Muffins

Sunday: Pork Roast / Potatoes / Carrots
Green Beans

Best Hashbrown Casserole Ever!

2 pkgs. frozen hashbrowns

2 cans cream of chicken soup

16 oz. sour cream

1 stick butter / margarine

2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degees. Melt one stick of butter. Mix with potatoes, soup, sour cream and cheese. Put in greased 9 x 13 and bake uncovered for an hour. This can also be baked for 45 minutes, cooled and frozen for use at a later date. I like to make two at a time and freeze one. Just set in fridge the night before and bake for 20-30 minutes before supper.

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

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