January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen ~ "O" ~

I'm going to try to finish up the alphabet with Thursday Thirteen posts.
Counting blessings alphabetically is a great way to focus on things that otherwise just get lost in the shuffle of life.
So here goes
Blessings that Start with the Letter "O":
1. Our Father's outrageous (humanly speaking) offer to obliterate our sins! No longer an outcast, I enjoy this optimum opportunity to enjoy an earthly oasis from the oppression of the Old Man as long as I obey the Omnipotent One. He's my Alpha and Omega - I long for the day I observe my Beloved coming to take me to the home I'll occupy with Him forever!
2. Oceans - I've been blessed to observe the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Indian is the most beautiful, the Pacific the deepest and the Atlantic the most vast. No wonder they say His love is like an ocean! Beautiful, deep and vast!
3. Ona - the name of both my paternal grandmother and my dear sweet sister-in-law!
4.Ohio and Oklahoma - beautiful states I've been blessed to visit and one of which I call home.
5. Operating computers online!
6. Oblong oak table - I have a beautiful one built by our Amish friend, Owen, where we often enjoy old-fashioned meal time!
7. Orange Free State - one of South Africa's most beautiful provinces that I've been blessed to visit. My friend, Eleanor's daughter lives in it's beautiful city of Bloemfontein. The beautiful fields of sunflowers there are a sight to behold!
8. Oval - my favorite shape! I'm so glad God created that one!
9. Organ - I LOVE to play the organ and have been the organist at four different churches.
10.Orthopedic Operations - have given my son an extra-ordinary lease on life!
11. Ottoman - love my big ottoman!
12. Organize - working on getting organized - again. It's awful hard with surgeries interrupting all the time, let me tell you!
13. Orthodontics - my first job was working as a nanny for my orthodontist, Dr. Ann Wilson in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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