March 23, 2009

Secret Sisters and Living Lights

This is the Secret Sister corner of our church.
This period I used the scripture from Proverbs 27:9,
"Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart,
so doth the sweetness of a friend."
Spring flowers decorate the perimeter of the board and tulle bunched periodically finishes the bottom of it. I spray painted a little shelf I found at Goodwill and put a lace doily and some Crabtree and Evelyn Summer Hill items on it. After enlarging a page from a Precious Moments book on Friendship, I framed it in a frame I already had and spray painted to match. I had searched all over for a poster of this print but couldn't find it :(.
For a table cover, I used a queen sheet pinning the sides
for a tailored look. To keep our program exciting and "happening" we run our secret sisters for three month intervals. We've found that after that, interest dies off. Also, to ensure that some sisters don't "fall by the wayside" we have a sign up sheet where you put your name, date and item received. There are two people over the program (so they can also participate) and they give friendly reminders to those who've not remembered their sister for whatever reason
(that's what the clipboard is all about). There again, I just spray painted a plain old chipboard clipboard, twisted a flower on it and tied a regular pen to it (that way there's always a pen handy). The basket is for cards - either for a Secret Sister or to thank one's sister for a special gift.
The rest of the table is wide open for gifts.
* * * * * * *
Yesterday marked the end of our last theme in Junior Church - another favorite aspect of church I'm very involved in ;)

Our last theme was "Living Lights - Shining for Jesus in 2009"

This is about half of our Junior Church during the program we did for the adults as part of the Sunday School preliminaries.
Matthew 5:14-16 was three of our verses and I used various items as clues to help us learn them.
"Ye" - we all pointed straight out,
"are the light" - flashlight,
"of the world" -globe,
"a city that is set on a hill" -I had my Benji build a city out of Legos on a Lego hill,
"cannot be hid" - I had Caleb, a fellow with a short haircut, put on a ski mask for this clue, "Neither" - shake your pointer no-no fashion,
"do men light a candle" - a little 'man" turned on a battery operated candle,
"and put it under a bushel" - he put it under a bushel basket that his neighbor was holding,
"but on a candlestick - we had a candlestick for this clue,
"and it giveth light unto all that are in the house" - we had a ceramic house for this clue.
"Let your light so shine" - another flashlight, turned on at the appropriate time,
"before men" - the person holding the flashlight stepped in front of a little man,
"that they may see" - a pair of glasses,
"your good works" - a construction hat for the Public Works Department,
"and glorify" - clap hands,
"your Father which is in heaven"- point to heaven.
For the reference we had an envelope addressed to Matthew 5:14-16.
You can see some of my helpers with the items they got to hold for our program. I've found this to be the easiest way for our children to learn their verses - I guess whoever said, "a picture is worth a thousand words" knew what they were talking about ;) !
This is a couple of our little men helping with one of the songs from the theme.
Don't they look so handsome in their suits?
Flashlights labeled "boys" or "girls" were used for taking up the offering. Here Benji and Racquelle get ready to take up the final offering for the theme.
They collected over $300.00 this theme!
Way to go kids!

I hope you enjoyed these snippets of some of my favorite ministries at our church.
Have a blessed week!
P.S. Check out our pastor's wife's blog for some very creative genius she shares at:


~Heather~ said...

Aunt Nesi, I enjoyed reading this post! I liked your Secret sisters table and the neat ideas for the children's program.

Yesterday, I had the idea (I think the Lord let me think of it) to start a Ladies night out at my house once a month for the Colombian ladies. During the night God gave me more ideas. Each time I'd like to have a devotional and pray together...helping bear each other's burdens, and then have a time of fellowship, or I could teach them how to bake, since most Colombian women know nothing of baking. I'm very excited about it. I'm going to talk to Farly about it and if she is ok with the idea, I'd like to have our first meeting in April. Please help me pray that God will use this to help touch our Colombian ladies for Jesus. =)

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Great ideas! Sounds like effective ministries!