March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen ~"Q"~

Not only is today Thankful Thursday Thirteen, it is my 100th post! Like alot of other bloggers are doing, I've been re-focusing! We learn alot the first year of blogging and something I find interesting is that my blog's top googled subjects are:
1. Tea and . . .
2. Secret Sisters!

Interesting, huh? Tea is a fun and hot topic so I can see that; but I was surprised about the Secret Sisters. I know there isn't alot on the internet (or any where else for that matter) about Secret Sisters and the special ministry opportunites it offers in our local churches.

I did find it interesting that a blog was a place Secret Sisters looked for inspiration.
A blog would be an excellent place to reach out and minister to other Secret Sisters with ideas for encouraging, gifts, bulletin boards, etc. , wouldn't it?

I will endeavor to begin doing regular postings on ideas for Secret Sister Ministry. In this day of cyber relationships, it's a Christlike way of being His Hands and His Feet as we minister to special friends in our congregations.
Before we celebrate Thankful Thursday Thirteen, I'll tell you about our family's latest addition, Bailey, our eight week old St. Bernard puppy. You can read all about her on DJ's blog - he's her proud owner.
Now for Thankful Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen things I enjoy that start with the letter "Q":
1. Quality - do you always pick out the most expensive one like I do? ;) Funny how we always recognize quality!
I enjoy a houseful of quality furniture due to owning an Amish furniture store for nine years.
2. Quaint - towns, houses, etc. I love them!
3. Queen Anne's Lace - a beautiful wildflower and a favorite store I love to visit in Berlin, Ohio.
4. Quench - there's nothing like having one's thirst quenched. Spiritually or physically. A cool drink of water on a hot summer day . . . or a hot cup of tea in a pretty china cup ;)
5. Quiet - Blessed Quietness. Soothing and peaceful.
6. Quill - ever try to write with one? Quill Cottage is a favorite place to visit.
7. Quilt - a warm quilt. So comforting!
8. Quiz - just checking to see if we're getting it! What a wonderful priviledge to be able to learn!
9. Quote - Words of wisdom to help us on life's way!
10. Quarters- are you saving all the states quarters? Quarters are so handy! Parking meters, gumball machines, pop dispensers, Aldi's chopping carts. . .
11. Quarts - of home canned goods. A feast for the eyes - especially when it's a row of my Grandma Rossman's pickles ;) !
12. Queen - I LOVE being the Queen of my Castle!
13.Quick and Easy recipes - my very favorite.
I'm very thankful to be home after spending two weeks at UC Hospital. I'm thankful for His Grace and Mercy that bring us through hard times. I'm thankful for my sweet mother and father who came and stayed with our children so I could be with Dan. I'm thankful for all my sweet sisters at the Christian Nation Church who fed our family with wonderfully delicious homecooked meals while Dan was in the hospital. They were balm to the soul and spirit as well as food for our bodies. God bless every one who prayed - it's prayer that changes things. I wouldn't want to know how things would have gone with out them.

Blessings to each of you as we celebrate my very favorite season that starts tomorrow -

S P R I N G ! ! !


Denise said...

I enjoyed your thursday 13.

Connie said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It is such an encouragement. After all you have been through and you still keep smiling. Our family enjoys your laughter. It is such a blessing to us. I loved your previous post, "Singing in His Shadow" That was fantastic, and very encouraging to me. Thank you for thinking about me today. We love you & your family very much!