October 9, 2007

My friend, Sharon Hutchinson, invited me to the Greater Cincinnati Women of Worth October meeting. The theme this month was Apples and Pumpkins and the new director, Linda Davison, did an outstanding job decorating and organizing the meeting. I enjoyed a wonderful evening!

This beautiful Fall arrangement was in front of the podium beside the sign
in table. Isn't it beautiful?

Sharon made her yummy apple dip with apple slices and I made my pumpkin bread in mini muffin shapes with a cream cheese icing rosette for decoration.
Sharon's Apple Dip
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Blend until smooth and serve with apple slices. (I'll warn you- it's addictive!)
Isn't she a cute little hostess? She held the napkins for our luncheon.
A lovely Fall centerpiece on the food table.
Linda checking on her delicious chicken breast dish and some of the other ladies getting things ready for the evening.
Scenes from the serving line.
More scenes from the serving line.
Attentive listeners.
Getting ready for the devotional time.
Linda made this centerpiece for the sign in table. Isn't she creative?
Bro. Davison brought the message of the evening on "Loving Our Husbands". It was very insightful- especially since it came from his perspective.
Three generations enjoying Women of Worth: Katrina Hutchinson, her mom, Sharon, and grandma Reva Campbell.
Miss Hobleman gives a devotional.
A skit on communication.
Patti Cox gives a few tips on eggs.


~Heather~ said...

Thanks, Aunt Nesi, for posting these beautiful pics of the Women of Worth. I enjoyed seeing everything, it was all beautiful! I used to attend those meetings occasionally, and I always enjoyed going.

Looks like y'all had a very enjoyable evening! I'm sure that Bro. Davidson's talk was good too. I think Linda will do a good job with WOW! I used to clean houses for her house cleaning business. She's a nice lady.

Love ya, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

I got to call and talk to Laura tonight and she was telling me about your nice beautiful basket wrapped in tulle that you gave to her Sunday night, along with the delicious loaf of pumpkin bread. =)

We had great sisterly talk, it was fun to get caught up on their lives! =D
They seemed to really enjoy the outing today. Thanks tons for inviting them.

Love ya, Heather =)

Karla said...

Hi Denise! So glad you found me! I have just been lamenting for awhile that I can't seem to find very many "old" friends my age online... I guess most of us "middle-aged housewives" aren't very computer literate... or something... I dunno! Probably just too busy is truth of the matter. Anyway, I'm really glad you're blogging! I'll add you to my blog roll... and we'll have to get caught up. Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle said...

It looks like it was a wonderful evening! Michelle J

Eileen said...

Oh to see the WOW pictures I so enjoyed attending them here in Michigan. But they don't have them any more. I wish some way another one would start up again. I was the "craft" diredtor, I would bring a craft and/or home decorating and demonstrate on how to make it and/or display it. I even was asked to do some hand on hairstyles for the holiness women and girls. They enjoyed that too. Any way I do miss them. Thanks for sharing.