November 29, 2007

Christmas Music Memories

Today we were busy baking 23 mini loaves of pumpkin bread to give as gifts and my daughter got tired of hearing the Anthony Burger Christmas CD playing after about 10 hours. (Imagine that!) She said,"Do you mind if I put on that Dennis record"? I was delighted! That is my VERY favorite Christmas record-has been since I was a little girl. A few years ago we visited the Brass Armidillo in Tri-County area (it was an Antique Mall - they closed a couple years ago). As we were browsing the stalls, I found a stall that had a bunch of old records. I LOVE good old records so was going through them when what to my wondering eyes should appear but this record! I was SOOOOOOOO excited. $2.50 and several Christmases later, it made my heart glad to know that my daughter also enjoys my record!
My favorite song from the album reminds us that "Christmas is for the Family" and Dennis reminds us at the end of Side 2, "we're not getting any younger". So, be sure to cherish your family this Christmas season and don't forget to "laugh and pray together" like the song says!
Merry Christmas!

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