November 5, 2007

An Afternoon at Comargo Camp

Last Friday, Dan, Benji and I went out to Comargo Camp and winterized our camper. Bro. Eisenhart gave us permission to leave it out there for now. Benji found a rake and had a wonderful time raking leaves and then jumping in the pile or riding his bike through them.

The camp is so beautiful and I thought of all the encouragement I've received there through the years. God's Presence blesses the camp all the time and I'm thankful to have been a recipient of His Blessing.

Later, we hauled Phyllis Youman's camper over to Grandma Becker's place and winterized it. Phyllis showed me the nice Four Season room she had built on and the flower bed she added beside it. I'm so glad she's joined our church family. She's a real blessing to me.

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~Heather~ said...

This was a neat post. Yes, Comargo camp is always blessed with God's presence. WHAT A BLESSING!!

I trust that Bro. Dan had a WONDERFUL birthday. I'm sooo proud of him, he's a real trooper!!! God bless y'all bunches and may this year be one of y'all's best together as a family. We love y'all tons and try to pray for y'all daily.

Love, Heather =)