April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "F"

The life of Denise by the letter ~ "F":
1. Friends ~ fellowshipping with friends in the faith is a very favorite pasttime.
2. Flowers ~ I love flowers ~ fascinating four o'clocks, forsythia, I love them all for their beauty and fragrance.
3. Furniture ~ I have a deep appreciation for fine furniture after owning a furniture store for nine years.
4. Family ~ I LOVE MY Family! My mother's family, the Fair's, hail from Ireland. That's where I get all my freckles!
5. Fabric ~ she who dies with the most fabric wins they say! Smile! I've gotten rid of and used up alot so I probably won't "win!" I do love visiting fabric stores or the fabric department of department stores. Fancy brocades, french toiles, fine silks ~ they are all so fascinating!
6. Furlough ~ when we came home on furlough in 1981 after spending five years in Africa, we couldn't fathom all the changes that had taken place.
7. Fountains~ I love fountains. The way the water splashes and the sunlight dances through the droplets, the sounds of the water. Nothing quite like it!
8. Father ~ I've got THE best earthly and Heavenly fathers EVER! Hands down!
9. Fruit ~ favorite snack. Juicy tangelos, guava, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, mmmmm!
10. Feet ~ I'm very thankful for my two feet that take me all the places I need to go. When I broke my foot last year, I realized what a valuable possession they were.
11. Feminine ~ I love feminine things and being feminine. God's crowning creation was woman because He loves beauty. I delight in being feminine because it pleases my Creator when I continue to spread beauty in His lovely world.
12. Fish ~ probably my favorite meat ~ especially wall-eye... Culvers makes the best. Mmmm!
13. Florida ~ lived there for seven years. Four years on the Atlantic side and three on the Gulf. I like the Gulf side best.

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