September 24, 2008

So, What did you do this Summer?

The long lazy days of summer are just a memory now. Remember when you first went back to school in the fall and the teacher would have you write a paper on what you did that summer? Wouldn't it be fun to read through all those papers again? Well, in honor of all those summer memory papers, here's a brief glimpse of how our summer started. We went to Michigan to spend a week at my in-laws. Grandpa so graciously offered to teach my son, Benji, how to fish. It takes A LOT of patience to catch a fish and here's a pictorial of Benji Learning to Fish.

This is how you bait the hook!
This is how you cast the line. (Notice Benji's toy poodle, Pup Pup, patiently waiting through the "How-To Process").
This is how you catch the fish - wait patiently and quietly on a lovely early summer afternoon with your little dog at your side.And without the little dog at your side!
And you'll eventually CATCH A FISH!
Then, you celebrate with a ride around the pond with your sister in Grandpa's Peddle Boat!
Wonderful Memories: A little boat, a patient Grandpa, a sweet little dog, a lovely summer afternoon, a dear sister, a boat and a pond!

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Betty Truesdale said...

Nice pictures, nice memories! Wish you could come more often. Are you planning on Thanksgiving at our house? Grandpa is getting ready for underground sprinkling. Maybe we will be able to grow a more beautiful lawn! Loved the pictures. Grandma