September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Teatime

Fall cleaning often entails a little sprucing up of our homes. I've been a bit bored with my decor and wanted to add some new life to our little cottage by re-using things I already have.
That means it's time to start looking through a collection of magazines carefully saved through the years!
I have all but maybe a half dozen copies of Victoria magazine and I've been perusing precious issues from 1988- 1991 this week looking for fresh decorating ideas. I haven't been disappointed! I'll share some of the pages of the magazine with you and the results of their inspiration in my cottage over the next few weeks.
Today, though, I'd like to share this enchanting picture of a tea table belonging to a lady who shared tea time with her friends in a Tea Circle. Raised in a parsonage and blessed with a delightful collection of bone china tea cups collected by her grandmother on travels as a missionary's wife, she chose to bless the lives of her friends by inviting them to her Tea Circle. This is a picture of her tea table sparkling with antique lace, garden flowers, and a delightful array of tea sandwiches, vanilla cake, scones and chocolate madeleins.
Maybe I'll start my own Tea Circle once Fall Cleaning is complete as a special reward for a job accomplished!
Wouldn't that be fun?


Betty Truesdale said...

It would be much more fun if I could be there! Hope you can come to our house for Thanksgiving. Love you, Mom

Noah and Heather said...

Ok, I'm not much on lace and stuff but that food looks really good! I like tea, too.

Ms. Tee said...

What a pretty table setting - and the food sounds wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog. It is amazing what difference a little orange pumpkin can make. :)