May 24, 2008

Mother- Daughter Garden Tea ~ Part 1

This Tuesday, I hosted our church's monthly Ladies Night Out. About a dozen of the ladies get together the third Tuesday of each month and just fellowship. Sometimes we all bring a dish to share and sometimes we go to a restaurant. In January, we planned who would host which month's meeting, the theme, etc. I took May and being the tea lover that I am, said we'd do tea and croquet on the lawn.
Usually my yard is in peak performance and I thought this would be fun and . . . like I said, there are usually only about a dozen ladies so no big deal. ;) About the middle of April, I put together these invitations, rolled them up, tied them with a bow and placed them in a basket to hand out on a Sunday evening at church. Of course, all the ladies are always welcome at these meetings so each lady received an invitation. I put this clipboard in the foyer with an RSVP sheet and menu where the ladies could sign up for either
"Scones & Muffins", "Sweets", or "Savories".
Remember, I live in a cottage. A dozen ladies and their daughters is no problem; but, the numbers started climbing - 50, 60, 70, 80 until the Monday before the tea there were 81 ladies/ daughters RVSP'd to come to my tea!
Oh, boy! This was my baby - no committee or anything to help!
Sink or swim - do or die, we were committed!
Time to rally my troops - aka "DJ" and "Lorna"! Could have never done it without them.
We've been having a late Spring here in southern Ohio which being interpreted means, "It's been raining cats and dogs!" - and it's been chilly, too. There's no way I could fit 80 people in my cottage so it would have to be cancelled! "No", my pastors wife said, "you can have it in the Comargo Camp Dining Hall if it rains." Well, it rained all day Monday so that evening, DJ, Lorna and I went out to Comargo and set up the dining hall.
Tuesday evening, fifty-eight of the eighty-one people came for a fun evening of food, fellowship and games!
Here are pictures Lorna took of the food buffet before the ladies started partaking:
Scones and Muffins
Muffins and Fruit
Fruit and Vegies
Savories and Sandwiches

Check back next Tuesday for more on this Tea. I will share the games we played with pictures, other activities and the favors I made and gave to each guest.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


ceekay said...

Well it looks like you did well and didn't sink! Can't wait to see more pics.

Gayle said...

Dear Denise,
Everything looked so beautiful! So sorry I had to miss it:( Glad it all worked out at camp for you.