May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ "H"

Thirteen Blessings beginning with "H".
1. Home - I love my home! Wherever I'm hanging my hat, tis home!
2. Heaven - A blessed hope and where I'll someday be finally home!
3. Hope - what a blessing to have "bright hope for tomorrow!"
4. Hydrangeas - one of the most beautiful, intricate flowers God created. My daughter got me an Endless Summer one for Mother's Day last year that I just love.
5. Hats - aren't they such a beautiful crowning adornment protecting us at the same time? LOVE hats! Rachel used to be the Hat Queen- wonder if she still has a few? (She looks REALLY cute in them too!)
6.Houses- wonderful protection from the elements and the world. Some are so beautiful!
7. Highways- nice smooth roads that go just about anywhere. I 'll never forget enjoying them after coming back from Africa where roads are mostly cow paths.
8. Homeschooling - so thankful we're able to enjoy this legal alternative to an education.
9. Homemaker - my current job discription
10. History - one of my very favorite subjects
11. Holiness - thankful for the way of holiness
12. Heritage Lace - one of the favorite lines we carried in our store and with which I love to decorate.
13. Husband - thankful for the father of my children and all this special man has added to my life!
Enjoy a blessed weekend!


Askew To You said...

You sound like a very happy person. :D

Monday through Sunday said...

Good list! Love Hydrangea's!

Alice Audrey said...

Hats are good. The right hat can let me stay in the sun a hundred times longer.

ceekay said...

Thanks for visiting again. Good to hear from you. I love how some bloggers are doing the Thursday thirteen. Did you just jump in and start at A? I always can identify with a lot of the words. Loved Husband and Hydrangea especially! Have a great weekend!!

Jill Damon said...

Hi Aunt Denise,
I know Joanna through her sister Rebecca. Rebecca was my maid of honor and I was her matron of honor. Small World. Isn't it? Thanks, so much for taking the boys to Children's church. They so enjoyed.
Love to all!